September 2016 Penstroke

Welcome to our newest residents:

Tina and Charles Leak Franklin Block

1708 Fontenay Place 1805 Vincennes Place

910-509-1102 910-520-0294

It certainly has been a very warm summer. We are fortunate that our turf is tolerating the heat well, with a few exceptions. We are finding some ground pearl (destroys grass roots and has no known cure) and are working on plans for dealing with these areas. The warm weather also has promoted the growth of algae in ponds. We found that the new aerator, along with lowering the water level, has allowed the chemicals used to treat the algae to work better and longer. Our ponds are looking better than many in Landfall.

The preventative maintenance program has restarted for the units on Vincennes. A new contractor will complete the wood repair and trim painting. Please remember that door and window repairs and painting are the homeowners’ responsibility. Window failures that caused wood trim deterioration may result in repair costs being assessed to the unit owner. Taylor Construction will complete one building before moving on to the second and third. They are working on the 1810-1822 building currently. Board member Tony Harrington is coordinating this project. If you have questions or concerns, please email Tony at:

Please remember that any changes to the exterior of your building (lights, doors, windows) must be approved by the Board. This also includes landscaping outside your patio walls in the common areas. Condominium rules permit limited individualization of the exteriors.

We are aware that our lighting system does leave some dark areas. Due to the age and design of the system, we cannot easily add more lights. We do appreciate that some residents leave exterior lights on during the evening hours. The Board encourages residents to do this on a regular basis to increase safety and security. A number of residents have put these lights on timers.

In the near future, members of the Board will be conducting a visual inspection to identify areas where trees and shrubs are overgrown and impacting stucco or roofs. If you have trees or growth in your patio area that have the potential to cause damage to these common elements, you will receive a request to correct the situation.

Included with this newsletter is an invoice for our second 2016 assessment in the amount of $850. These funds are being collected for our reserve account and are not used for routine operations. This is part of a multi-year plan to improve our reserve position.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact the appropriate Board member

Maintenance – Tony Harrington,, 910-612-8669

Landscaping – Beverly Johnston,, 973-714-2795

All Other – Mary McKenna,, 910-256-1176

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