September 2015 Penstroke


September 2015

As most of you know, Bob Crenshaw, our President of many years, has resigned his position. Bob and Susan have sold their home in Pembroke and moved out of Landfall. We wish them well and are grateful to Bob for his years of service to Pembroke.

The remaining board members will assume the President’s duties for the remainder of this year. Please direct your issues to the following:

Treasurer: Bob Nelson, 256-5260,

Landscaping: Jim Spruill, 256-1080,

Maintenance and General inquiries: Mary McKenna, 256-1176,

Secretary: David Spears, 910-325-8035,

Both Bob Nelson and Jim Spruill complete their second terms on the board at the end of 2015. That means we will need to add 3 new members in January. Condominium ownership comes with the responsibility to support the board organization that works to insure the financial and operational health of our community. Failure to elect a board has a serious financial and legal downside. Under NC Law, an outside organization would have to take over, and residents would have to fund that activity. As you know, Pembroke’s board is a voluntary group and its only payment is the gratitude of our residents. If you have never served on our board, please consider running for a 2 or 3 year term in January. We need your help! IF you have an interest or have questions, please speak with one of our current board members.


We have completed collection of the first special assessment and those funds have been placed in the Reserve account.

We have operated close to budget in most areas. The exception is our preventative maintenance expenses, where we found more extensive wood and stucco issues than estimated. Another expense not budgeted for originally was the cost of the Reserve Study ($3750). A second special assessment will occur in October, as planned for in our 2015 budget and discussed at the annual meeting.

The results of the Reserve Study have been reviewed and confirm that we have done a poor job in planning for long term repairs, such as roof and driveway replacement. We will work with our accountant to analyze the study results and incorporate them into future budget planning. All of this information will be shared with you at the annual meeting in January.


Plans remain in place to replace sod in several areas and at the front entrance. However there is a shortage of quality sod in our area due to the cold winter and this has delayed this project.

Please remember that any tree/shrub/landscaping plantings or removals must have board approval. Pembroke generally removes trees only if dead or dying, or causing structural issues. Tree removals must follow Landfall ARC and government guidelines.

We have received inquiries about removals of Burford hollies and the board is aware that this is a controversial topic. The board will develop a policy regarding these trees and would like your input. If you have any ideas, please contact Jim Spruill.


Preventative maintenance Phase 5 is on track for completion in the fall. There will be a second gutter cleaning in the fall; usually done in November.

We have replaced two more roof crickets so far this year. There are only three crickets left that have not failed. These replacements should add significant life expectancy to our roofs.

A few reminders and helpful hints are repeated here, since we have several new residents.

Remember that maintenance and painting of windows, doors and gates are the responsibility of the unit owners. There are many failed windows throughout the complex and this can lead to wood trim rot and stucco damage, which then becomes the unit owner’s responsibility to repair. It is difficult to find replacement windows that are similar to our originals. We are aware of one vendor who has performed work for several of our owners. He has developed a relationship with a manufacturer for making custom replacements. Here is his contact information: William Allely (cell #: 910-228-8500).

Note that if you do any exterior painting, only our approved colors can be used. Obtain them from Porters Paints, 4125 Oleander Drive. The formulae for the three trim colors is found under “Lilly’s Coatings.”

Remember that vines and other vegetation growing on our stucco walls are prohibited since they damage the stucco. Putting holes in the stucco is also prohibited because water intrusion may cause stucco damage. If stucco is damaged because of vegetation or holes, the unit owner is responsible for repairs.

If a unit owner wishes to have stucco cleaned between preventative maintenance cleanings, we recommend our current vendor. Wilmington Roof Cleaning uses a soft wash process (less pressure than a traditional power wash). This has worked well for both our roofs and stucco walls. The owner is Art Green, 910-622-7942.

Two products that have been recommended by residents for spot cleaning of stucco, patio floors and sidewalks:

Wet & Forget – removal of mold and mildew stains

Snowcap – removal of “rust” stains due to high iron content water

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