December 2015 Penstroke

Pembroke Penstroke


December 7, 2015


We would like to provide you notice (as required by our by-laws) of our ANNUAL MEETING, scheduled for MONDAY, JANUARY 4, 2016 at the home of Mary and Mike McKenna at 1611 Dijon Drive. There will be cocktails at 6 pm, followed by a business meeting. We have a number of new neighbors in our community, and this is a great opportunity to meet them.

Obtaining a quorum for this meeting has been a struggle in recent years. When living in a condominium development, all owners have a responsibility to support the declarations, by-laws and regulations of the association. At the annual meeting, we must have a quorum present (either in person or by proxy) to elect Board members. Two of our Board members (Bob Nelson and Jim Spruill) will retire at the end of 2015, after six years of service. We will need to elect two new members for three year terms. Please consider contributing your time and talents as a Board member! If you have any questions, feel free to call Mary McKenna at 910.256.1176.

We are requesting that all members sign the enclosed proxy and fax it back to the COA office at 910.256.7662 or mail it or drop it off at the COA office at 1749 Drysdale Drive, Wilmington, NC 28405. PLEASE DO THIS BEFORE DECEMBER 28TH. Just in case you are unable to attend the meeting in person, we will have your proxy for voting purposes.

Included with this mailing is a draft copy of the 2016 budget. You will notice that your monthly assessments will change to $500 per month beginning January 1, 2016. The payment coupons will be sent to you shortly. Also included in this mailing is a breakdown describing how the monthly dues are allocated to the cost centers within our operational budget. In addition, at the annual meeting, we will discuss the recommendations from the reserve study we commissioned earlier this year. This information will help everyone to understand both our short and long term financial needs and plans.

We hope to see you on January 4th!!

Best Wishes for a Happy and Safe Holiday Season from your Pembroke Board.

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