April 2015 Penstroke

At the annual meeting, two new board members were elected; the Board for this year is as follows:

President: Bob Crenshaw, 256-6708, bob@iprintandpromo.com

Secretary: David Spears, 910-325-8035, David.Spears@tatacommunications.com

Treasurer: Bob Nelson, 256-5260, 84bnelson@gmail.com

Landscaping: Jim Spruill, 256-1080, sandheels@bellsouth.net

Maintenance: Mary McKenna, 256-1176, mrmckenna@ec.rr.com

Please discuss your concerns or building issues with the appropriate board member.


The draft 2015 budget was ratified at the annual meeting. It includes an increase in dues of $25/month. The budget also anticipates two special assessments of $850 each, for the purpose of increasing our reserves. Considerable discussion occurred re: this topic. Following that discussion, the board has contracted to have a reserve study done. This will help us to understand what level of reserves we should have and the time frame we should anticipate to accumulate these funds. The funds would be used to cover major replacement costs such as roofs, driveways, fountains, etc. This is critical to our ability to maintain our aging infrastructure and buildings.

We are happy to note that we no longer have units in foreclosure or bankruptcy, so we anticipate that all 37 unit owners will be paying their monthly dues and special assessments this year. That is good news, after losing approximately $40,000 in income over the past 3 years.

Our insurance premium renewal has come in slightly under budget for this year and we were able to secure a 3 year guarantee at this rate. This is a first in our history. If you have occasion to need a certificate of insurance (mortgage, refinance, etc.), you can request same from our accountant, Owen Phillips in the COA office. Email Owen at: ophillips@landfall.org. Please instruct him where to fax or mail the certificate.

The first special assessment for reserves is included with this mailing and is due June 1.


As noted last fall, we had a number of cricket failures in our roofs. At this time, all known failures have been repaired and we will see what happens as the spring-summer rains occur. We have replaced 6 of 13 crickets so far.

Last year was difficult in that we lost some long term vendors. The improvement in the economy isn’t the best news for finding/keeping vendors and as construction picks up, we sometimes struggle to find quality people.

We did not complete last year’s preventative wood repair and painting for Phase 4 units(1701-1703-1705 Fontenay and the 6 units on Dijon). A new carpenter has begun wood repair recently and we hope to complete last year’s work over the next month. We will then be back on schedule and able to initiate Phase 5 wood, paint and stucco work (1702, -4, -6, -8, -10, -12, 1707-1709 Fontenay). The schedule for the last two phases for preventative maintenance is:

2016: all units on Vincennes

2017: 1713,-15, -17, -19, -21, -23, -25 Fontenay

1716, -18, 20 Fontenay

Please be aware that our workers may need to use electricity and water at your unit as this work is performed.

Gutter cleaning is performed twice yearly, in the spring and fall. Also, please read the important enclosed notice for termite inspection.

Remember that maintenance and painting of windows, doors and gates are the responsibility of the unit owners. There are many failed windows throughout the complex and this can lead to wood trim rot and stucco damage, which then becomes the unit owner’s responsibility to repair. It is difficult to find replacement windows that are similar to our originals. We are aware of one vendor who has performed work for several of our owners. He has developed a relationship with a manufacturer for making custom replacements. Here is his contact information: William Allely (cell #: 910-228-8500).

Note that if you do any exterior painting, only our approved colors can be used. Obtain them from Porters Paints, 4125 Oleander Drive. The formulae for the three trim colors is found under “Lilly’s Coatings.”

Remember that vines and other vegetation growing on our stucco walls are prohibited since they damage the stucco. Putting holes in the stucco is also prohibited because water intrusion may cause stucco damage. If stucco is damaged because of vegetation or holes, the unit owner is responsible for repairs.

If a unit owner wishes to have stucco cleaned between preventative maintenance cleanings, we recommend our current vendor. Wilmington Roof Cleaning uses a soft wash process (less pressure than a traditional power wash). This has worked well for both our roofs and stucco walls. The owner is Art Green, 910-622-7942.


In January, the last phase of tree trimming was completed. On large dying pine at the right of the main entrance was removed. The focus of the plan was to remove limbs hanging over roofs and to trim all the Burford hollies. The hollies will be sprayed for scale this spring. A recent walk-through with COA landscaping staff has identified new projects and helped with prioritizing them for this year.

Natural Gas Service

A number of issues related to installation of natural gas service in Pembroke has led to the decision that we will not participate in this project.

On Day One of the project, a water main was broken. On Day Two, we were notified that holes would need to be made in our driveways on the side of the road where the lines were planned, resulting in patches in our already fragile driveways. Since we have no blueprints/plans for the irrigation or lighting systems, we were concerned about the potential damage to those systems during installation. In addition, the Board conducted a survey of a sample of residents (including some with LP gas service currently). It was noted that no Pembroke owners had signed up for natural gas service and only one owner had inquired about the service. The slab foundations of our units is also a limiting factor for installation of gas service to appliances. Therefore, considering all the potential damage to our infrastructure and resident input, the Board determined that we should not participate in the project.

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