February 2016 Penstroke

Pembroke Penstroke

February 1, 2016

The Board assignments and contact information for 2016 are as follows:


Mary McKenna



Treasurer/Vice President

David Spears




Connie Knecht




Beverly Ford




Tony Harrington



Please save this list and contact the appropriate board member with you questions and concerns.

Please refer to the attached minutes from our annual meeting, where the budget was ratified. Based on our reserve study, we will continue to collect two special assessment of $850 each for the purpose of funding long term needs.

For clarification, we note that our reserve funds are segregated in a special bank account. Reserve items for Pembroke include: repair/replacement of major roof components; irrigation system; chimneys; driveways; fountains and front stone walls. These funds cannot be used for routine maintenance or repairs. For example, we can use these funds for roof replacement and roof cricket replacement, but not for slate replacement, flashing, minor leaks, etc.

An invoice for the first of these assessments is included with this mailing and is due on March 15, 2016. Also included is an updated resident list, as requested at the annual meeting.

This year’s preventative maintenance program will include all units on Vincennes. Soft wash stucco cleaning, stucco repair, wood trim repair/replacement and trim painting (excluding doors and windows ) will be performed. Please see the annual meeting minutes for a discussion/policy on rotting wood caused by failed windows and doors. Please also be aware that our vendors may need to use the water and/or electricity at your unit as this work is performed.

Work on repairing the fountain at the front entrance, including the lights, will begin as soon as possible.

Sometime this spring, the Landfall COA (who is responsible for the water quality in our ponds) will be adding a new fountain/aerator to Pembroke pond #2 (between Fontenay and Dijon). Hopefully, this will result in reducing the algae in this pond, which was a major problem last year. This fountain will also have lighting and should be aesthetically pleasing.

A couple of general reminders:

If you do any exterior painting, including windows or doors, you must use our approved colors. Obtain them from Porters Paints, 4125 Oleander Drive. The formulae for the three trim colors is found under “Lilly’s Coatings.”

Remember that vines and other vegetation growing on our stucco walls are prohibited, since they damage the stucco. Putting holes in stucco is also prohibited, because water intrusion may cause stucco damage. If stucco is damaged as a result of the above, the unit owner is responsible for repairs.

Your neighbors will appreciate it if you remember to walk dogs on a leash and pick up after them; house your garbage cans after trash pickup and garage your cars.

We are grateful for the best attendance at our annual meeting in some time, as well as your positive suggestions and offers to serve Pembroke on the board. It was also wonderful to meet so many new neighbors. Thanks to all who attended or sent their proxy!

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